Short Fiction and Literary Translations


Let No Man Put Asundergorse no. 5, March 2016

La Symphonie du loup by Marius Daniel Popescu (extract) – Best European Fiction 2016

CaulThe Bohemyth

You Have a Hole in Your JumperThe Next Review Vol. 2 No. 5

The Obverse (L’Avers) by Dorothée Piffard (poems) – Dow House Press

The Taxidermist – Shortlisted for The White Review Prize 2013

The StudioThe Literateur

SheepskinThe White Review

History of Costume from Antiquity to 1914 Volume XI, 1725-1744 – In the event of the republication by the Musée de la Mode, Paris.

The roly-polys (‘Les mises en boule’) by Monique Wittig – Chroma 7

A call to madness (‘Les appels à la folie’) by Monique Wittig – Chroma 7

Capturing Darkness extract La Capture du Sombre by Nicole Brossard – Chroma 7

Jealousy Stories of Love’s Favourite Decoy (La Jalousie) by Marcianne Blévis – Other Press





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